Groenten snijden | European Food Business | Aeres Hogeschool Almere
"I chose to study European Food Business, because I always wanted to become an entrepreneur in the food industry. Most important, though, was the focus on sustainability and local food systems in Europe. This, plus the chance to study abroad in the Netherlands were the driving forces for me. The program that offers a possibility to study in 3 countries was very interesting as we don't have that in Germany."

"My idea for my own company SauerCrowd came out of a brainstorm session in the Student Company phase of the study program."

Moritz, graduate European Food Business

Student Moritz EFB

"The business administration part within my own company as well as pitch, sales and presentation skills were most useful I learned what I can use in my career.

My idea for my own company SauerCrowd came out of a brainstorm session in the Student Company phase of the study program. I always wanted to start a food business and together with other students we had the freedom in the course to develop at least the framework for that. Today, not a lot from that ideation phase and framework is left, as I had to restructure so much. But the spark of starting a business came during EFB studies. My passion for fermentation and health, my prior experience in Michelin star kitchen has helped too. 

My ambitions for the future are potentially creating another company or helping other start-ups and entrepreneurs to create impact in the food industry. In 1-2 decades, I could also see myself as a consultant or in food politics to change the game from the inside out. I do enjoy teaching a lot as well, so guest lectures are big on my list.

If you considering studying European Food Business, be prepared that the first year is tough here in the Netherlands (different from any other country). So roll up your sleeves and make the best out of this time, even if your private party student life comes a bit short. You will be rewarded in the later years. The traveling, getting to know different cultures and programs is a huge personal growth learning curve and unique during this study program."

Moritz, graduate European Food Business

 "I wanted to focus on preventing people from getting sick, to support them in eating healthier in the first place."

Fiona, graduate European Food Business