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Knowledge Building Summer Institute 2020

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World Economic Forum speeches, climate protests - and even KBSI2019 Tomorrow’s Innovators sessions to advance UN sustainable development - suggest the power of students taking action for public good. Yet the role of education in the world’s ‘ecological crisis’ is hardly in sight. Crises demanding action include climate change, exhaustion of human and natural resources, ethical and religious tensions and so on. The conceptual challenges are profound, requiring collective responsibility, sustained creative work, and the ability to deal with complexity well beyond that required by school tasks and activism.  Knowledge Building engages students directly in the means by which knowledge in the world is advanced.

Knowledge Building, Responsive Education, and Knowledge for Public Good

Each year the knowledge building community organizes summer institutes, to extend the community of knowledge builders and set a course for future developments. Newcomer and veteran knowledge builders view and discuss the work of innovative practitioners, researchers, and engineers from around the world - and share great times.

Who Should Attend the Knowledge Building Summer Institute?

  • Individuals: Teachers, students, administrators, researchers, policy makers and computer scientists worldwide who want to become better acquainted with knowledge building concepts and approaches and advance their work in light of “Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation” and models of an inclusive knowledge society.
  • Organizations: Schools, ministries of education, universities, community organizations, businesses, health care organizations, etc. interested in introducing knowledge building into their organizations and establishing state-of-the-art approaches to knowledge creation.

Important Dates

For submitting a proposal for active participation (presentation, worksop, demonstration, hackathon etc.)

  • March 6: Online system for submission and registration now open
  • May 3: Deadline for submission of proposals
  • May 19: Acceptance notification
  • May 25: Deadline for early registration
  • August 23-26: Knowledge Building Summer Institute 2020


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